Our Values
Love God
We believe that the Word of God is powerful and life changing as well as a practical blueprint for living out a Christ-centered life. Therefore, everything that we do is filtered through God’s Word. Our preaching, life groups, family ministries, etc. are all based on the centrality of God’s Word. 
Our response to God’s Word and how we live it out on a day to day basis is worship.   
Love Others
We believe that life is best done together!  We value meeting people’s felt needs in order to bring them to their real need- the Savior, Jesus Christ.  
Life groups and leadership  are key ways that we seek to do this.  In life groups,  families meet together to build friendships and study the Bible together.  We also believe that every man and woman is called to be a leader in some form.  We believe that the pastor’s role is not to do the entire ministry, but to coach others to discover their gifts and passions and partner to do the work of the church.


Make Disciples
We believe that all people matter to God. It is our belief that the Holy Spirit is the only one who can change lives. Realizing this, the process of bringing people to Christ involves time, personal contact, and love in action.   We believe that families reaching families is the most effective way to do this.   Therefore, we seek to provide opportunities for families to serve in our church, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces.  
We are also very committed to supporting missionaries around the world in Central America, Africa, and Asia.